An enjoyable and productive environment is one that is enhanced with artwork, selected with the greatest of care,


with a view to inspiring the participants within the space . . . Shantel Susan, Art Consultant





We provide customized art consultation &

selection services to corporations & private residences.



What Art Can Bring You




While there are many reasons for wanting to have a customized art program that is tailored for your specific preferences, the benefits that we identify as most important to your business include:


♦        to show your company values as a distinct & unique part of your brand

♦        to tie your marketing goals reflected through the art presented

♦        enhancement of your business space with the finished look of artwork

♦        allow employees & visitors to your office to feel inspired, elevated & emotionally content

♦        the opportunity to support the innate abilities & extensive talents of artists

♦        help to reflect the values, achievements & ambitions of your business

♦        art presents the stability & overall commitment & confidence towards the future success of your business


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Private Residence


For your residential enhancement customized art consultation provides:


♦          beautification and enhancement of your home

♦          mark your home as one of distinction and your personal preferences

♦          a reflection of your home style and overall lifestyle

♦          an expression of your personal uniqueness

♦          an elevated view of your space and not merely as an inhabitant

♦          a commitment to your well-being and visual exploration


Let’s Us Help You to Redefine Your Personal Space . . .





We Offer You:


♦   Art Consultation – we consider the connection between your space, its inhabitants and their use of it, to reveal what art work will best enhance it.


♦   Art Selection and Curation – we help you to make the best choice for your space through the selection, curation and procurement of art work.


♦   Art Framing, Installation & Logistics – we ensure your art work is professionally framed, delivered and installed.


♦   Art Budgeting & Coordination Details – we establish an art budget with you to ensure that we stay within it and we handle all the paperwork and coordination that is involved with your art purchase(s)


♦  Selection of Artwork for Corporate or Personal Gifts – we help you to select and find the right artwork for corporate and personal gifts.


We honour your time and money and we don’t take either for granted.




We are Here to Best Serve You


Our first step is for us to become acquainted with you so that we may determine how best to serve you.


We want to bring your business and/or residence the best art presentation possible and we want you to feel assured in our process and taken care of.


This is facilitated through our specific proven practices that make it possible for us to achieve the results we promise while giving special attention to keeping your project on time and on budget.



Shantel Susan, B.A.S., ID Dipl., Fin. Dipl., Art Consultant
Founder, Shantel’s Art & Design



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