Give Yourself the Opportunity to:


Participate in a 2 Part

LIVE Online Presentations




Ask Your Questions About the Money Topics Presented





Part 1 – Become Enlightened with the Practical Business Aspects of:



⇒  What it Means to Be an Artist and Entrepreneur


⇒  Knowing the Difference Between a Hobby or Professional Artist from a Business Standpoint


⇒  Knowing What is Considered Income for Visual Artists


⇒  Learning What are Considered Reasonable Business Expenses for Visual Artists



Part 2 – Learn How to Easily Record Your Bookkeeping Step-by-Step:


»  Revenue


»  Cost of Sales


»  Expenses


»  Payments You Made


»  Payments You Received



Your Downloads Include:


  •   Guideline Handouts to Help You to Take Quality Notes of the Presentation for Your Future Referral


  •   Pre-formatted Ready-to-Use Excel Spreadsheets that You Will Use to Learn How to Easily Record Your Bookkeeping Transactions & to Use Moving Forward


This is Beneficial to You If:


  •   You wish to know about money and business related aspects of being a visual artist, particularly if you sell your art or intend to in the future


  •   You would like to know how to move from being a hobby to a professional (selling) artist and what you need to know (even if you are just thinking about it)


  •   You prefer easy step-by-step instructions to learn exactly how to record your art income, cost of sales, expenses and recording payments that you receive & make


  •   You wish to have the opportunity to ask your questions related to this content




The webinar is a total of 2 sessions of 90 minutes each (less stressful that way!)


Part 1 Become Enlightened with Practical Business Aspects:              Friday, June 23rd @ 1:00 pm – 2:30 pm

Part 2 Learn How to Easily Record Your Bookkeeping Step-by-Step:  Friday, June 30th @ 1:00 pm – 2:30 pm


Cost:  $ 97.00

Note this is a deductible expense to your artist business.


Other Things You Need to Know:

  1. You will need access to the Excel software program in order to download the worksheets as you will be working with the step-by-step entries of recording sample bookkeeping transactions.

2.  You will have access to the webinar via an online link.

3.  Note that participants will be international, therefore we will not be covering specific tax laws or accounting rules and regulations as set out by various tax authorities worldwide.  We will only cover generalities that are applicable and reasonable to most tax jurisdictions.  You may wish to consult an accountant or tax authority to validate specific accounting and/or tax concerns or situations.