Free Your Creative Self . . .



You are an artist and you are unique. 


So for you to use cookie-cutter approaches to your work as an artist and entrepreneur will not work.




I offer artist consultation and support services that are customized specifically for you as I understand and appreciate the variations and specialties of you and what you work so hard to create.


Through providing you with guidance and help that honours your creative expression and intelligence – this allows you stay being you while moving forward in your calling as an artist.


How I Can Help You


I can help you in several ways:


⇒  considering an opportunity in your art career or are you just getting started and you would like to have a professional discussion about your options?


⇒  looking to introduce your work to a gallery or similar venue and not sure how to approach them? 


⇒  need help with writing your artist statement, artist biography or some other writing help?


⇒  perhaps you would like help with creating compelling titles for your artwork?


⇒  would it be helpful for you to obtain new attitudes and skills that will give you the confidence you need to move your career forward as an artist?


⇒  do you need assistance with pricing your art for selling purposes in order for you to be competitive and profitable?


⇒  are you wanting to know how to best present yourself as a serious artist who is intent on selling art?


⇒  do you need assistance with learning how to keep your art inventory?

⇒  are you wanting to know how to professionally organize yourself so that you can have more time to muse and create your art, while also having time to keep your business matters in order?


⇒  maybe you are in need of advice with regard to the money and business side of your work as an artist-entrepreneur?


⇒  maybe you are looking for other help?


Moving Forward with Me


Please note this consultation is only available to Canadian and U.S. artists.


In order to start our path toward consultation services:


  • Send an email to artist@shantelsartanddesign.ca and tell me what you would like me to help you with.  Give as much detail as possible so that I may ascertain whether or not I can help you.


  • If you have a website, please provide me with a link.


  • Please do not send any other attachments at this time.


  • You will hear from me within 2 business days and I will then proceed to provide you with further information about how I can help you. 


  • My email communications with you at this point will serve as our preliminary discovery consultation and is provided free of charge


  • When we both decide to move forward, I will forward you an electronic invoice of which you can remit online through Paypal or using any major credit card (see Rates below).


  • Afterward we schedule your formal consultation(s) via Skype or phone (your choice) and then we proceed from there.


  • Note that our consultations are in answer to all of the questions, concerns and issues that you outlined in our preliminary discovery consultations.  Of course you are welcome to bring up new items as you need to, once we start our actual conversations.


  • I like to work as efficiently and effectively as possible so that you receive the most out of your time with me.  To that end, I ask that you have reflected and considered about any additional questions that you may wish to ask me.  I certainly don’t want you to hold back . . . I wish to cultivate a feeling of complete openness and confidence.  In this way I can help you to move forward into experiencing your very best!




For live phone (or Skype) consultations:


For any of the services and help as listed above in addition to any other specific help that you may require:


  • A 60 minute consultation with me is $ 197.00.


  • I also offer a 30% discounted package of 2 sessions (60 minutes each) for $ 275.80 paid in advance.


  • You may book additional time as required, and returning clients always receive a 10% discount.


  • If you would prefer a more flexible arrangement and you wish to have more immediate, uninterrupted assistance now, I offer a $ 2,500.00 consulting package that allows for unlimited communication over a 3 month period.  This includes phone calls, Skype and emails and you will have priority access to me.


  • Note that when we start our consultations, you will be privy to a variety of other special offers, discounts, resources and information as my ongoing support for your being part of my Artist Community!


For writing services:


Many visual artists are great creators of art, but they are humbled when having to turn to writing.  I can help you with this!  Through my insights, perspectives and full discovery of you as an artist and individual, I endeavour to provide you with writing narratives that stand out and enhance your finest artistic attributes to their fullest.


  • Artist statement or artist biography – approximately 200 – 250 words the rate is $ 200.00.  You will be provided with a draft for your review before it is finalized.


  • For other writing help such as an article, exhibitor place cards, artwork labels or other specific narratives – this will depend on the length of the writing and what is involved.  Email me at artist@shantelsartanddesign.ca  and provide further details about what you wish to accomplish, who the audience is, when it needs to completed and how long you would like it to be.  I will quote you a rate based on the details that you provide to me.


  • Creating compelling titles for your artwork – this depends on the number of titles that you require.  Email me at artist@shantelsartanddesign.ca  and provide further details about how many titles that you need and when you need them.    I will quote you a rate based on the details that you provide to me.


  • Please be advised that I will need access to your website or other online media, as well as your resume and other information.  This will help me to best familiarize myself with you and your art so that I can craft the best narratives possible for you.


  • Note that when you become an artist that I provide writing services for, you will thereafter have access to a number of other special offers, discounts, resources and information as my ongoing support for your being part of my Artist Community!