We provide customized art selection services for business, commercial & private residential spaces.




While there are many reasons for wanting to have a customized art program that is tailored for your specific preferences, the benefits that we identify as most important to your business include:


♦        to present your company values that are distinct, unique & part of your identity & brand

♦        the ability to tie your marketing goals together reflected through the art presented

♦        enhancement of your business space with the finished look that art provides

♦        allow employees & visitors to your office to feel inspired, elevated & emotionally content

♦        the opportunity to support the innate abilities & extensive talents of Alberta artists

♦        help to reflect the values, achievements & ambitions of the business

♦        art shows the stability & overall commitment & confidence towards the future success of the business


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For your residential enhancement customized art consultation provides:


♦          beautification and the ability to mark your dwelling as one of distinction and personal preference

♦          a reflection of your home style and overall lifestyle

♦          an expression of your personal uniqueness

♦          a view of your assimilation and command of your space and not merely as an inhabitant

♦          a commitment to your well-being and visual exploration


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