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I always aspire to create surroundings that you will find welcoming & inspiring 

with the hope of providing you with lasting positive effects to your daily life.

Shantel Susan, Interior Stylist & Art Consultant

Founder, Shantel’s Art & Design Inc.



©  Shantel’s Art & Design



Whether your home is brand new, newly renovated or you are wanting to refresh an existing space, we offer a variety of customized home styling, design & decorating services to achieve the individual & personalized look and feel that you desire.


Schedule your COMPLIMENTARY 30 minute Let’s Get Acquainted SessionIn this call, we become acquainted with you and learn about what you have in mind for your home interiors.  We also help you to determine which of our various service options would best suit you and answer any general questions that you may have.

Send us an email at contact@shantelsartanddesign.ca or phone 780.902.7720 to book your time.


Discover our Home Styling & Design Services




→  You deserve a home interior that makes you feel comfortable, uplifted, inspired & above all:  to experience your version of a luxury home interior.

→  We offer flexible styling & decorating services from a complete service option to consultation only services & DIY choices for the self-decorator!

→  With our strong background in finance, we respect your budget & focus on how to best utilize your monetary resources in styling your home.

→  Our style & decorating approach is intended to be fun & engaging, with a emphasis on a collaborate effort between you & us.

→  We offer extensive style & decorating knowledge that will allow us to add value, comfort & suitability to your home.

→  We pride ourselves in being transparent & open with you to help you to learn & appreciate how the design process works.

→  As communication is an integral part of our work, we feature our streamlined design process that will save you time & inconvenience.

→  We style & decorate in any design that you wish as we cater to the aesthetic that you wish to achieve.


The walls in your business and home deserve to have beautiful art adorning them.  Rooms and spaces should bring inspiration and joy to all who view them.  Through an array of subjects and presentations, art uplifts our daily lives.


To discover more about your art selection and installation, schedule your COMPLIMENTARY 30 minute phone session with us.  We will ask what you have in mind and the timeline and budget that you are proposing.  If you do not know, we will help you and provide information about moving forward.

Send us an email at contact@shantelsartanddesign.ca or phone 780.902.7720 to book your time.


Discover our Art Consultation Services




→  Our role is to not only to consult on the art aspects of your space, but to guide the process & to ensure it is properly implemented with little interruption to you, your business or home.

→  We possess art & decorating knowledge that will allow us to add value and appropriateness in your art selections.

→  Quality communication is a high priority with us and our efficient art placement system will save you time.

→  We only place artwork that is in keeping within your overall space to bring about cohesion & harmony.

→  We respect your budget & focus on how to best allocate your monetary resources in acquiring your art.

→  Our starting point for sourcing art is from Greater Edmonton & area artists, Alberta artists & Western Canadian artists.