I am grateful for the opportunities as an art consultant, artist business advisor and entrepreneur.

I am at my professional best when I can show art consulting clients how art can enhance their surroundings and

when I can lend my considerable business experience to visual artists that need direction about the business side of creating and selling their art.



Since childhood I have always been involved in some form of creativity and appreciation for all things arts-related. My family background includes parents both as successful creative entrepreneurs who placed an overriding importance on the love of art, music, theatre and literature in my upbringing. “There was always the emphasis growing up on the arts related side of everything – from day-to-day work to how recreational time was spent.”


My grandfather was an award winning corporate commercial artist who specialized in several visual art mediums and he was involved in branding and advertising for many business enterprises. He also completed a variety of private painting commissions for individual patrons.


This environment of high energy combined with an emphasis on expression, created the person that I am today. Also, my love of entrepreneurship that I have been involved in for close to 15 years has been inspired in part to the creativeness that I continue to draw upon . . . this is what I enjoy.


I have always been thoroughly engaged with making any surroundings as beautiful as possible and have been raised to truly appreciate the importance of art to our daily existence and the hope, spirit and inspiration it brings . . . the lasting effects of living life well!




Shantel Susan, B.A.S., ID Dipl., Fin. Dipl.

Art Consultant and Artist Business Advisor

Founder, Shantel’s Art & Design





Biographical Statement


Shantel Susan believes that creating inspiring and pleasant surroundings allows the occupants of any space to be at their happiest and most productive. She is committed to the idea and practice that any environment is greatly enhanced with original and decorative artwork if selected with the utmost care and with a view to the participants within the space.


To that end, Shantel created Shantel’s Art & Design Inc. in 2013 with the express purposes of providing art consultation and ancillary design services to businesses, commercial establishments, private residences and other spaces.


Her assistance serves to provide art advisement for new and established spaces with close observation of the existing design and decorative elements. The desire is for inhabitants to feel inspired, encouraged and elevated with their surroundings and to reflect the very best in them.


Together with her design assistant along with a variety of allied professionals she strives to efficiently design, implement and complete client projects. Her art sources include galleries, print houses and other private sources including her Shantel’s Artist List that features a database of exclusively selected Alberta and Western Canadian artists.


Shantel’s goal is for projects to be professionally managed with timelines, updates and a process on design deliverables that can be counted on by clients. She considers the client service aspect of her business as the most important second only to the optimum in art selections and decorative advice.


Alongside her art consulting offers, Shantel also provides a variety of services to artists-entrepreneurs who have the grace to express themselves and honour their creative tendencies. These individuals seek help with their finances, but often wish to explore this in a meaningful and inspirational manner. She has assisted them to realize their artistic entrepreneurial pursuits through personal and business guidance. She is well versed in knowing how artist-entrepreneurs have many demands on their time, energy and focus and that dealing with their business money is often not a top level priority. To that end, she provides a variety of liaison services sometimes involving other allied accounting, finance and industry professionals to ensure that all possible tax and business requirements and strategies are being met.


She also provides Artist Consultation Services to help artists focus on career directions and business opportunities.


Shantel’s volunteer work has included involvement with The Francis Winspear Centre for Music (fundraising), The Citadel Theatre (patron development), The Edmonton Symphony Orchestra (donation solicitation and season subscription sales) and The Works Visual Arts Festival (artist placement).


Currently she is a member of the Canadian Society of Decorative Arts and Visual Arts Alberta (CARFAC) and lends her name to several juror opportunities.  She continuously keeps herself aware of what is occurring in the art world, locally, nationally and internationally through attendance at art auctions, art briefings and updates and other arts-related events.  She engages in ongoing independent study of the art market, including attendance at the Art & Finance Briefings as hosted by Deloitte International together with following other aspects of the cultural landscape in Canada and abroad.


She also contributes extensive articles and commentary to various online sources about art, design and business in relation to art.


Shantel’s educational background includes interior design and art coursework from Canada, United States and England as well as significant independent study.  She holds a Degree in Business Administration, a Diploma in Interior Design and a Diploma in Finance.





An enjoyable and productive environment is one that is enhanced with artwork, selected with the greatest of care and

with a view to inspiring the participants within the space . . . Shantel Susan, Art Consultant