A pleasant & productive environment is one that is enhanced with artwork

selected with the greatest of care, with a view to inspiring the participants within the space.

I truly believe that art complements and enlivens any space.  I learned this from my grandfather who was an award winning private and commercial artist and specialized in several visual art mediums.  He was involved in branding and advertising for many business enterprises and completed a variety of private painting commissions for individual patrons. 

I have always been thoroughly engaged with making any surroundings as beautiful as possible as I was raised to truly appreciate the importance of art to our daily existence and the hope, spirit and inspiration it brings . . . the lasting effects of living life well.

Shantel Susan, Art Consultant

Founder, Shantel’s Art & Design

We offer curated art selection and placement services for your commercial space and private residence.

Our role is to not only to consult on the art aspects of your space, but to guide the process and to ensure it is properly implemented with little interruption to you, your business or home.

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Curated Art for Your Business Premises

While there are many reasons for wanting to have a customized art program that is tailored for your specific preferences, the benefits that we identify as most important to your business include:


→ to show your company values as a distinct & unique part of your brand

→ to tie your marketing goals reflected through the art presented

→ enhancement of your business space with the finished look of artwork

→ allow employees & visitors to feel elevated & emotionally content

→ the opportunity to support the innate abilities & extensive talents of artists

→ help to reflect the values, achievements & ambitions of your business

→ art presents the stability & overall commitment & confidence towards the future success of your business

© Shantel’s Art & Design Inc.

Curated Art will Enhance:

Reception & Lobby Areas

Conference, Board & Meeting Rooms

Private & Executive Offices

Presentation & Training Rooms

Breakrooms & Relaxation Areas

Thought Spaces, Multi-Task Areas

© Shantel’s Art & Design Inc.

Curated Art for Your Private Residence

Art will provide extended appeal and enhancement to your residence as it will provide:

→ beautification and enhancement of your home

→ mark your home as one of distinction, your personal preferences

→ a reflection of your home style and overall lifestyle

→ an expression of your personal uniqueness

→ an elevated view of your space and not merely as an inhabitant

→ a commitment to your well-being and visual exploration

we would like to speak with you to discover how we can help.

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