” A pleasant & productive environment is one that is enhanced with artwork

selected with the greatest of care, with a view to inspiring the participants within the space. ”

I truly believe that art complements and enlivens any space.  I learned this from my grandfather who was an award winning private and commercial artist and specialized in several visual art mediums.  He was involved in branding and advertising for many business enterprises and completed a variety of private painting commissions for individual patrons. 

I have always been thoroughly engaged with making any surroundings as beautiful as possible as I was raised to truly appreciate the importance of art to our daily existence and the hope, spirit and inspiration it brings . . . the lasting effects of living life well.

Shantel Susan, Art Consultant

Founder, Shantel’s Art & Design

We offer art selection and placement services for your commercial space and private residence.

Our role is to not only to consult on the art aspects of your space, but to guide the process and to ensure it is properly implemented with little interruption to you, your business or home.

◊  Art for Your Business Premises

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While there are many reasons for wanting to have a customized art program that is tailored for your specific preferences, the benefits that we identify as most important to your business include:


→ to show your company values as a distinct & unique part of your brand

→ to tie your marketing goals reflected through the art presented

→ enhancement of your business space with the finished look of artwork

→ allow employees & visitors to feel elevated & emotionally content

→ the opportunity to support the innate abilities & extensive talents of artists

→ help to reflect the values, achievements & ambitions of your business

→ art presents the stability & overall commitment & confidence towards the future success of your business

Some of the places art enhances include:

commercial building lobbies, reception areas, conference and meeting rooms, executive offices, shared workspaces, multi-task areas, boardrooms, banks, private offices,  professional and consultancy offices, restaurants, cafes, hotels, spas & beauty establishments, IT & technical environments, retail environments,  estate and executive homes . . . to name only a few.

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◊  Art for Your Private Residence

Art will provide extended appeal and enhancement to your residence as it will provide:

→ beautification and enhancement of your home

→ mark your home as one of distinction, your personal preferences

→ a reflection of your home style and overall lifestyle

→ an expression of your personal uniqueness

→ an elevated view of your space and not merely as an inhabitant

→ a commitment to your well-being and visual exploration

If you would like to consider working with us – simply send us an email to contact@shantelsartanddesign.ca or phone us at 780.902.7720 and we will contact you to arrange your 30 minute, complimentary phone call to discuss your wish list, time line, budget and other considerations about your art requirements and preferences. At this time, we also review the benefits of moving forward together.  If you wish to proceed, an Art Consultation Visit flat fee is arranged and a time booked for your on-premise visit.  This visit is a walk-through of your space and discuss what you want your art placement to achieve.

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We understand that if you have made the decision to improve your space, you want to proceed and move forward as expediently as possible.

We start with careful consideration of your preferences, then we make selections that will highlight and feature your surroundings to their very best visual and emotional appeal.

We consult and place artwork that is in keeping within your overall space to bring about cohesion and harmony. We also strive to stay within your budget so you feel financially comfortable with your purchases.

Our wish is to bring you to a place where you feel confident about the selections of art made and that coincide with the intended visual appeal and feeling that you want to convey – you are best served with art advisement that is designed to enhance the existing design and decorative elements in your space.

Above all we want you to feel inspired, encouraged and enlightened with your surroundings in order to reflect the very best in all who inhabit it.

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Art Consultation Visit

Our first step is for us to become acquainted with you so that we may determine how best to serve you.

We want to bring your business and/or residence the best art presentation possible and we want you to feel assured in our process and taken care of.

This is facilitated through our specific proven practices that make it possible for us to achieve the results we promise while giving special attention to keeping your project on time and on budget.

Your Art Consultation Visit may take up to 2 hours as it allows us to discuss:

→  the image, feeling and mood that you wish for your space to convey

→  the style that you aspire to (contemporary, ultra-modern, traditional, etc.)

→  the surrounding colour palette in the space

→  features of the space that you wish to accentuate

→  your budget or at least a working budget

→  your current art work and / or collection (if any)                                                    

→  if you need re-framing for existing art work

→  if your existing art should be placed differently

→  if you need additional art work to create better transition throughout the space

→  logistical considerations including your time requirements, art framing, delivery and installation.

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Post Art Consultation Visit

Shortly after our meeting, you will be emailed your one-page proposal that will present the art that we feel will be suited to your premises.  This proposal is designed to assist you in determining if you wish to move forward with us.

If we move forward, we sign the appropriate paperwork and proceed to select and place your art acquisitions, as agreed.

For more information about art forms, mediums, categories and subject matter that we represent, please see below.   

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The Art forms and mediums we offer include:

·  Paintings (oil/acrylic, watercolors, collage, mixed media)

·  Original Prints

·  Limited Edition Prints

·  High Quality Prints

·  Drawings

·  Digital Prints (Giclees, pronounced zhee-KLAY)

·  Photography

·  Sculpture in wood, stone, clay and other mediums

·  Others may be sourced upon request

The Art categories & subject matter we focus include:

·  Landscapes

·  Decorative Art

·  Local History

·  Scenic

© Shantel’s Art & Design Inc.

·  Abstracts

·  Fine Art

·  Vintage Art

·  Botanical

·  Animals

·  Black & White

Other categories may be sourced upon request.

Art styles and genres tend toward representational, landscape, abstract, still life, genre and contemporary styles.

Our Art Sources are a variety of Greater Edmonton and area artists, Western Canadian artists, Canadian artists, art galleries, professional print shops, private and other independent artist sources.

We also may commission artwork to be custom made for clients, or for special occasions.

→  Shop at our Online Boutique Art ShopCLICK HERE to Discover

→   Art Collection – you may wish to purchase art for your business or home and to start your own art collection, then we can work with you to achieve this.  There is nothing quite like the feeling of acquiring art.  Whether you desire to own different pieces for an eclectic decorative appeal or you wish to work towards becoming an ardent collector . . .  the possibilities are endless and emotionally fulfilling.

→  Selection of Artwork for Corporate or Personal Gifts – we help you to select and find the right artwork for corporate and personal gifts. We suggest specific artwork determined by the tastes and preferences of the gift recipient. We also order, frame, gift wrap and make arrangements for delivery, as requested.

→  Commissioning art for a specific and customized project (including artist selection and liaison)

→  Documenting your art collection in detail in preparation for an art appraisal or scheduling for insurance purposes

Note we do not provide art appraisals, we are pleased to provide you with a referral.

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