As a Professional Artist or Aspiring Professional Artist, we can help you in several ways:


 Artist Consultation & Support Services



⇒  considering an opportunity in your art career or are you just getting started and you would like to have a professional discussion about your options?


⇒  looking to introduce your work to a gallery or similar venue and not sure how to approach them? 


⇒  need help with writing your artist statement, artist biography or some other writing help?


⇒  do you need assistance with the pricing of your art for selling purposes in order for you to be profitable?


⇒  are you wanting to know how to present yourself as a serious artist who is intent on selling art?


⇒  are you wanting to know how to professionally organize yourself so that you can have more time to muse and create your art, while also having time to keep your business matters in order?


⇒  maybe you are in need of advice with regard to the money and business side of your work as an artist-entrepreneur?


⇒  looking for other help?


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Shantel’s Artist List – if you are a professional artist and you work from and/or reside in Western Canada then you may be interested in becoming part of our artist database.

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Artist Entrepreneurs – if you are engaged in the business of selling your art – then you are an artist entrepreneur.  Maybe you are just starting to sell your work or you have been doing so for a period of time.  Whatever your circumstance you may be in need of business services including accounting, tax preparation, business consultation, tax planning or other artistic business assistance.  We also offer learning programs designed specifically for artists – that will give you the opportunity to become much more comfortable with the basics of creative business money mindset and management – CLICK HERE TO LEARN MORE . . .