How to Easily Refresh Your Rooms

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Are your rooms looking and feeling and little tired?  Not sure what you can do to revitalize and refresh them?

Here are 6 ways that you can easily refresh your rooms and make them seem new and alive again!

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1. Paint

– it may sound simple, but paint is one of the best and affordable ways to transform a room from ordinary to something spectacular.  Not only are there many colours to choose from, there are also a variety of techniques that can be used to give your room that one-of-a-kind visual impact and beauty. 

Also, you can decide to apply your paint or you can hire a professional and it will be a relatively low cost.  You may also choose to embark on some of the many paint application techniques for a unique look or ask your painter to design them for you.  Always remember that paint provides the most profound impact for any room that looks as though it needs to be brighter, cleaner as paint sets the tone for the entire room.  Another tip is to be bold and don’t use the “safe” colours like grey, white, brown – think about real colours like orange, green, blue, pink and yellow and mix them with other dreamy and soft accent colours that may include cream, ecru or deeper shades of your initial colour scheme.  Play with it and make it special!   Let your paint choices set the tone and feeling for the room.

2.  Art

– there is nothing like art to give a room its final polish.  Why?  Art has a presence that everyone feels when they enter a room and every person will relate to art differently.  The type of art and size are very dependent on what best serves the room.  You may choose original art as in medium of oils, acrylics or watercolours and are signed by the artist.  However, you may also choose print art that is often affordable but with proper framing can present as quite a qualitative alternative.

3.  Window Dressings

– it is worth noting that windows should have something adorning them.  For reasons that include privacy, blocking light, cold, darkness, etc. – windows without any dressing just can’t add anything to a room.  Given the colour, patterns and fabric choices, if they are carefully selected, will allow a room to take on a whole different aesthetic.  Whether you install blinds, curtains, drapes or a combination of sheers and drapes or blinds with curtains, know that the possibilities for your windows is virtually unlimited.  It is often advantageous to have a professional window designer help you.  They will take measurements, explain the varieties of window coverings that are available and the features of each and they will also install everything so that it looks just as intended.

4.  Accessories

– it is interesting how many people overlook this important and creatively exhilarating part of their decorating!  There are so many choices for accessorizing a room that include vases, bowls & jars, sculptures, statuettes & figurines, decorative boxes, trays & storage, clocks and other wall ornaments, ornaments, decorative pillows, glass work and art, although not a full list it gives an idea of what is considered an accessory.  It really is any other decorative “bits and pieces” or Objet D’art that you desire.

5.  Furniture Refurbishment & Re-Arrangement

– perhaps you don’t wish to replace your furniture or have little need to, but it can provide a beneficial change for the style and freshness of a room.  Consider having the furniture re-stuffed or buy good quality furniture covers that will provide a new added glean.

– placing your furniture in different positions and groupings will help immensely in re-styling a room.  Start with referencing the purpose of the room and how it is used in practical, daily situations.  Are the pieces arranged in such a way to maximize their use and function?  Do you have separate little areas for specific purposes, that is, a reading corner or a hobby niche?  If you wish to encourage conversation in real time, are their adequate areas for this to occur in a comfortable and congenial way?  Proper furniture placement can make all the difference to the interaction within the room.

6.  Plants & Florals

– integral to refresh any style is to have the presence of greenery.  It can be really anything that you wish – from faux palm trees to topiaries to silk plants and bountiful synthetic and real flower bouquets with eloquence and beauty!  Often times plants and florals are absent from interior decorating and they really shouldn’t be as they offer a graciousness and loveliness that can’t be replicated by other finishes.

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