How to Renew Your Kitchen

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Along with bathrooms, kitchens are the costliest area of the home to design.

Kitchens are also one of the most used spaces and they often need updating before other areas of your home.

The challenge is not only the cost, but the logistics and work involved with having your kitchen refreshed.

Here are 7 ideas that you can use to renew your kitchen without having to go through the hassle of a complete renovation.

1. Paint the Walls and/or Paint the Cabinets painting your kitchen walls will give an overall freshness that nothing else can provide, especially if you are looking to change your cabinets too.  The painted look of your existing cabinets will renew them and give you a chance to change their colour.  White or soft yellow are great looks that match most decor interiors.  You could even switch the door knobs and pulls (hardware) to give it a more designer look.

2.  Replace the Cabinet Doors if your kitchen cabinets are in good shape, then you could just replace the doors with new ones.  Not only will you have new hardware (hinges and knobs), you will also have the opportunity to choose new material, colour and design.  Given that cabinets usually are quite a bit of the wall space in your kitchen, this will have maximum impact on the look of your kitchen.

3.  Install Shelving kitchens are a great place to have a shelf or shelves where you can place dishes or kitchen ornaments.  It can be as utilitarian or fancy as you please and it can have a great retro look or it also can be sleek and modern.

4.  Add Accessories the finishing touches to your kitchen will make it sing!  Place kitchen appropriate ornaments on your countertops (near the back) and consider placing wall art that enhances your decor.  Many retailers have opted for kitchen decor categories to help you with your selections.  There are many pieces that can help a kitchen look like the “heart of the home” so let your imagination guide you!

5.  Replace or Add a Backsplash the functionality and beauty of a kitchen backsplash is often overlooked.  This can provide much needed protection of your walls, but it also adds another colour and texture to your kitchen.  Subway tiles are a good option as they are timeless and work with any kitchen style.

6.  Lighting if your kitchen doesn’t have under cabinet lighting – you should really consider it!  It is a relatively easy installation and the down light that projects on your countertop surfaces will make your entire kitchen have the warmth of accent lighting plus the practicality of additional task lighting.  You may also look to have additional pendant lighting over your bar or island area.  There are many likeable styles and shapes in pendant lighting and the look can be stunning.

7.  Change the Flooring floors in kitchen take punishment from the constant walking, spilling and wiping.  The finish of your flooring can become so degraded overtime that it is impossible to make them look good again.  If you replace the flooring, then you will have a chance to have a different look and take advantage of the newest in flooring technology that will help to resist everyday wear and tear.  If you have an open concept kitchen that flows into your living and dining room spaces, choose flooring that is very similar as this will make the space look unified.

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