Learn to Acquire Everyday Luxury

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Often times homeowners decide to postpone having their home the way they wish due to their lifestyle with children, pets or other reasons they believe a beautiful home is not possible.

However, you should be able to live surrounded by the type of atmosphere that will make you feel joyous and relaxed.

Remember your home is your retreat from the outside and it should make you feel comfortable, contented and uplifted.

Consider our first 5 ways to make your home more luxurious, regardless of your situation:

1. Paint

every room and space needs a good colour scheme that will enhance the best features of the layout.  Luxury in this way can mean different things in terms of colour, however a paint that is easily washed and that can maintain its freshness is the first goal.  Pay close attention to the brand and the finish to obtain that finished appeal.  A softer more neutral colour with colourful accents can be the next step in luxury.

2.  Lighting

often overlooked, lighting levels can bring about a complete transformation to any room.  Most people focus on task lighting for the purpose of reading, preparing food or other task orientated work.  This task lighting together with the natural light from the windows or ambient light, makes illumination but it often doesn’t create atmosphere.  In addition, many homes, especially new models do not always have huge windows that allow a large expanse of outside light.  To give your room tone and mood, accent lighting needs to be used to provide this.  Through floor lamps, table lamps and undermounted lamps, you can create lighting that will emphasize certain decor features such as ornaments, countertops or furniture.  Making sure you add sufficient accent light will create a whole new luxurious feeling to your spaces.  If you have lamps that are in good condition but are not in keeping with your new decor, then simply change the shades.

3.  Little “Getaways”

if you have children, it is always nice to have a little area that parents can retreat to.  This may include a sitting area in your master suite or a separate “parents room” that children are not allowed into.  It should be adorned with furniture and accessories that suit the couple involved and it should clearly be comfortable and luxurious for parents to relax and enjoy at the close of a busy day.  This space could also be used to pursue hobbies or other activities.

4.  Play Areas

like their parents, children should also have a place where they can play and allow their imaginations to be encouraged.  They need access to and room for painting, drawing and all forms of activities to draw out their creativity.  Having lots of storage space and showing children how to pick up and put away their toys and creative items will go along way to having them respect their space.  This designated area will make them feel special and have a calming effect on them.  They will look forward to their play and creative time!

5.  Storagetoday there are all sorts of ways to have storage and that includes hidden storage.  A variety of decor ready trunks, ottomans and even coffee and cocktail tables can all be used to store a variety of items.  You can nicely display decorative boxes that not only are nice accessories, but they also have the added storage as well.  Just be sure to buy storage that suits the design and decor of the room as it can easily look rather “junky” as opposed to luxurious!

6.  Set the tablethere is nothing like having a nicely set table to make you and your family feel special.  It also helps to make your dining time open for relaxation and conversation, without the imposition of the outside world.  A table with napkins, candles and even a decorative centerpiece will make it feel like a “dinner” occasion.  If this isn’t possible everyday, then try at least once a week to have this luxurious sit down dinner with your family.  If you live alone, invite friends or family over for this treat as often as you can.

7.  Window Dressingsif your windows only have blinds or shutters, you are missing a wonderful addition to your home decor.  Drapery and curtains give you the opportunity to add colour and texture to your rooms and can set the mood.  From the dramatic to the delicate, windows that are properly adorned can give you an appealing loveliness . . . that definable air of luxury.  Note that high-end commercial spaces such as hotels and restaurants always have plentiful window dressings as a sign of luxury.

8.  Furniture this can be tricky especially if your tastes are for perfectly refined pieces.  You can lessen the look of wear and tear by purchasing slightly distressed furniture that won’t show every last scratch.  You could also opt for painted pieces that can easily be refreshed if they become scuffed or worn.  Choose fabrics that can be wiped and cleaned and are stain resistant.  Avoid finer linens and silks and consider linen blends, chenille and poly blends.  Your colour selections should also tend toward avoiding lighter colours.  Slipcovers can also be a useful option as they can easily be removed and washed regularly.

9.  Carpetsalthough carpets can become soiled if used in certain places, there is an alternative that will work for specific places.  Use indoor/outdoor rugs for areas where children are playing or food is consumed as they are easy to wipe and you can clean them professionally if you wish.  More costly indoor area rugs can be strategically placed in lower traffic areas and where food is not consumed.  These types of rugs have such a beautiful effect on any room.

10.  Finishing Touches it can’t be said enough how the finishing touches make all the difference for a space to feel luxurious.  You can accessorize with just a few pieces or have as many items as your space, money and imagination will allow!  Do you have items that you have purchased on vacation that you would like to view all of the time?  May be you have that special silver plate that your inherited?  Perhaps your wedding gift from your mother is especially important to you?  There are ways to make all of these work with your decor and give you the ongoing memories that you desire.  Then of course there are your own pieces that you have acquired over the years or you may decide to purchase a whole new array of items.  Finishing touches are extensive and can include art, mirrors, clocks, wall ornaments, plants, floral arrangements, decorative pillows, glass work, vases, bowls, jars and many other decorative “bits and pieces” or Objet D’art that you desire.

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