The Money Benefits to Thinking of Yourself as an Artist-Entrepreneur



As an artist, you are among the most unique and contributory people to society. The beauty, inspiration and at times controversy that you as an artist present have a far-reaching effect on the lives of everyone who experiences your work. It is through your commitment to create that you have the capacity to be a real, true influencer of people.


To that end, it is understandable that you primarily distinguish yourself as only an artist. Moreover most artists do not consider themselves entrepreneurs.


Let’s take a moment to contemplate this.


You are an Artist and Entrepreneur


Assume that when you create art, your intention is to sell it. It is helpful for you to recognize that when you risk your money, time, thoughts, feelings and energy to create your art – then you are in fact, an artist entrepreneur. This is really the very definition of it. Being an artist is what makes you so individual and unique – as you possess a perspective and awareness that shows through your artistic creations. Therefore, you also will often have an approach to the money and the business side of your creative work that is different from other entrepreneurs.


It is to your advantage both as an artist and artistic entrepreneur that you try to develop your thinking into seeing yourself as both an artist and entrepreneur. Making the sublime effort to enlighten yourself and expand your reach from not only an artist but to something even greater – this is when you truly envelope your role as an artistic entrepreneur.


Money is on Your Side


Possibly the most significant part of having an awareness about your artistic business money – is the fact that you can alleviate so much uncertainty in both the present and future if you have a clear understanding about what you need to know and how to implement it. Money is on your side because it is there to work for you and contribute to your well-being – if you know how. Even if you feel that you don’t have time to deal with your money or you lack the expertise to do so. Becoming one with the understanding of your money will occur if you have practices and a mindset in place that will help you to be aligned with key money aspects.  You will experience a serene calming, one that releases you to preserving your energy and precious time for your creative work.


Whether you decide to handle it yourself, or you engage someone else to do so – you need for this to actually occur.


Being an Artist Entrepreneur Has its Rewards


It may be helpful for you to truly believe that your artistic creations are something you value and give your full attention to. Therefore, as with anything that you care about – whether it’s someone or something else, your desire is to watch over and protect it – right? Then thinking this way about your business and the fact that you are an artistic entrepreneur will go a long way to helping you become both the creative entity that you are and the artist entrepreneur that you aspire to be.

Appreciate that aside from the obvious, practical benefits of having money to continue with your practicing your art, enjoying a lifestyle that you wish through establishing and sustaining a money plan that will directly support your life, there are other valuable intrinsic contributions that having your money in place will bring to you. They are increased confidence and the enhancement of your decision-making abilities and the elevation of your self-esteem through better awareness and increased judgement capabilities. You will be better prepared to assess possibilities for yourself and your art.


Your First Steps to Money Awareness . . .


To start, ask yourself the following questions and write down (so it registers with you), where you believe that you are at present . . . respond carefully and thoughtfully . . .


  1. Are you experiencing true money awareness as an artist entrepreneur now or do you anticipate it in the future? Does this sound desirable to you? 
  2. Do you know what you need to do in order to make handling your money better?
  3. Are you committed to attaining money knowledge, then honing your money wisdom so you may become savvy about your artistic business money?


Liberate Yourself


Money need not be an onerous hardship -it just needs to be understood.

Liberate yourself so you will be able to focus on your creative work and what you bring to everyone who encounters you and your art. The first step is recognizing that you are an artistic entrepreneur and for you to move towards thinking of yourself in that light. You will then start to adapt yourself to embracing a renewed perspective about seeking to work and manage your artistic business money.




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