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To help you, presented here are a variety of complimentary resources that you may find helpful in your pursuit in the best for your interior decorating projects.


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Interior Styling Tips

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View Home Styles for You

Wanting to be different with your home interior?  Maybe you have a style in mind?  View our client portfolio of room styles to inspire you!  VIEW NOW

Take Your Style Quiz

You have a style – or maybe even a few different ones – but what are they?  Take this little, fun quiz to find out more about yourself that will help you with designing your interior style.  CLICK HERE to Access.

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How to Easily Refresh Your Rooms

Give your rooms a noticeable refresh that will make your home feel new, without being overly costly!  VIEW HERE

Learn to Acquire Everyday Luxury

A certain degree of luxury can be enjoyed and cherished in everyday life.  Find out how you can achieve this for your home – DISCOVER HOW

Overcome Your Design Decision Challenges

Learn how to make lasting and definitive decisions about your home interior with these guidelines – FIND OUT

How to Renew Your Kitchen

Kitchens are the costliest of all rooms to design and the most used.  Learn these ideas to renew your kitchen . . .SEE HERE

How Art Elevates Your Business

Shantel’s Art & Design Inc.

The addition of art to your business spaces are central to its overall appeal – but it contributes so much more than meets the eye . . . REVEAL WHAT