E-Decor & Styling Sessions

Experience decor & styling guidance to help you to make your best interior decisions.

We help you to achieve a beautiful and comfortable home interior, all from the convenience of your home! The fun part is it allows you to be your own project manager and together with our support, you can enhance and improve your home interior in the style and mood that you wish!

For best results, we suggest our sessions are divided into 2 separate, 1-hour online sessions. That way you have a chance to reflect and implement what we discussed and it gives you the time to think about other questions that you may wish to ask.

While we cannot style and decorate your home in a two hour online meeting, we are positive that we can get you on the right path to organizing your thoughts and ideas, fine-tuning your vision, making some decisions, answering some questions and making a plan for success with whatever project you are working on – large or small.

Your 2-Hour E-Decor & Styling Sessions will help you to:
  • Enjoy your sessions by making them creative, interesting and fun.
  • Organize your thoughts about what you have in mind for a particular space.
  • Help you to focus on the decor & style for perhaps your home office or child’s room used for play and study or even your backyard lounging area for summer!
  • Create a nurturing feeling in your home.
  • Tailor to your style and decor preferences.
  • Make a moving forward style and decor plan for a specific area of your home.
  • Decide what to do with your existing home furnishing and decor pieces and ideas about how to coordinate them with more recent purchases.
  • Select art and decide where to place them or the art pieces already owned.
  • Consider type of accessories that will bring the space together and provide beautiful enhancements.
  • Help with your home decor online & other shopping choices and options.
  • Get the most out of your monetary investment.
  • Discover answers to your decor and style questions.

$ 247.00

(includes 2 sessions of 1 hour each)

Does This Describe You?

→  You maybe already have a few decorating ideas, but are not sure what to do next.

→ You know it is time to start addressing the lack of style & coordinated decoration in your home.

→ You know where to shop and what you need but you don’t know how to put everything together.

→  You appreciate good, quality interior decor but are not sure how to start.

→  You feel like you are not getting the most from your home as it feels unfinished and partially unused.

→  You have thought of working with a designer/decorator, but would like to “try it a little” firsthand, before committing to your entire home.

→  You think of yourself as a possible Do-It-Yourself decorating personality, but are unsure.

How it Works:
  1. We hold our sessions via Webex, Skype or phone call – whichever you prefer.
  2. Once your payment is processed, you will be sent an email to schedule your sessions of the dates/times available.
  3. You will also be sent a Home Decor & Styling Questionnaire that will help us be prepared for our online sessions with you. We like to know the aesthetic you are trying to achieve, the space / help that you are wanting help with and your interior decor preferences. We also would like you to forward photos of your interior project for us to review prior to our meeting.

$ 247.00

(includes 2 sessions of 1 hour each)

Receive 20 Complimentary Home Interior Styling Tips:

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Our convenient E-Design Service allows you to be your own design project manager & together with our support you will have the home interiors you truly want.

Whether you like what’s currently trending or you prefer a look & style from the past, we will help you to achieve what you desire.

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Enjoy maximum flexibility in that you can start with one room at a time and then, at your convenience, you may work towards completing all of your rooms and spaces.

You virtually can live anywhere in Canada and still access our professional E-Design Service.