You are Distinct and Your Surroundings Should Reflect that . . .



When you step into your spaces, they should make you feel comfortable, inspired and contented.  We can help you to create your surroundings to present the finish and feel that you wish them to.  This is achieved through having the decorative accessories that are specifically placed to reflect that feeling and style that you desire.


Whether you are completing your dream home, renovation project or you are just looking to further enhance your existing space, we offer an inspiring selection of stylish and decorative accessories.


Home Styling & Decor Sourcing

→  Lamps & Shades

→  Vases, Bowls & Jars

→  Sculptures, Statuettes & Figurines

→  Artwork

→  Table Textiles, Dinnerware & Flatware

→  Office Accessories

→  Decorative Boxes, Trays & Storage

→  Mirrors, Clocks & Wall Ornaments

→  Photo Frames

→  Plants & Florals

→  Linens, Decorative Pillows

→  Ornaments

→  Glass work

→  Practically any other decorative “bits and pieces” or Objet D’art that you desire . . .




Moving Forward with Us . . .


Schedule your consultation with us to visit your premises.  At that time we will walk-through your space(s) and discuss in detail about the style and feeling that you wish for your space to convey.  We will make preliminary commentary as to the accessories needed to suit your definitive style. 


We determine this through accumulating the necessary information to understand your preferences and tastes.  This consultation has no time limit as we wish to talk through everything we need to so as to save time during the accessory selection, purchasing and placement process. 


We will also uncover . . .


⇒ the image, feeling and mood that you wish for your space to convey

⇒ your budget or at least a working budget

⇒ if you own any current items that you wish for the space to display (heirlooms, gifts, collectibles, etc.)

⇒ special requirements or information that you would like us to know

⇒ a time frame

⇒ delivery and set-up along with other logistical considerations


The fee for this consultation is $ 350.00 + GST payable prior to our visit.


To schedule a consultation or to inquire further:


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