Styling your home interior is helped with varied inspiration.

Creating the surroundings that you truly desire is achieved when they are styled to bring about your best lifestyle.

Quality design and decor sense, alongside of a reasonable commitment of money and time will result in an interior atmosphere that will make you honestly thankful for the spaces that you and those around you inhabit.

We offer:

Home Interior Consultation Only

Complete Home Styling & Design Service

Hourly Home Interior Styling

Art Consultation Services

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If you are a project orientated, like-to-be close-up and involved individual who wishes to style and decorate the spaces in your home but you would also like professional help, this service was created for you. As you appreciate the knowledge, creativity and effort it takes to style your home interiors you will value having professional help and guidance to begin or to work towards your next step in your design and decorating process.

Let us work with you through making creative suggestions and providing tips and ideas that will help you plan how to create the rooms that you wish for.  We will get your project on the right track and answer any questions that you may have!

To start, we tour your home spaces that you wish to style and decorate and then provide you with actionable ideas that you can take away and use as your plan moving forward.  As we become familiar with your home, we envision ways to best present its features and to guide you toward style and decorative options that will make your home flourish.

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You may find that it is desirable for you to have us take care of your full design and decorating project as your time, interest and expertise may be limited for you to take on such demands singularly.

We offer a full design & decorating service that includes styling and decor planning, space planning, sourcing of items, selection and organization of items ordered, tracking purchases, arranging delivery and installation, right up to and including the finishing touches.

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Have you started your home styling, decorating and design project?  Are you encountering difficulties with specific aspects of it?  Maybe you can’t quite decide on a colour scheme or your styling choices need to be better defined?  What about the finishing touches to make your home feel complete?

Using this convenient and flexible service, we can assist you with any of your style, design and decorating-related challenges that are keeping you from achieving your best home interior possible.

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We are specialists with art curation and placement services.

Whether you need art for your home and/or business, we can replace those dreary blank walls with inspiring and beautiful art that is sure to impress.

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