Your home should make you feel comfortable and enthused . . .

Quality decorating makes your home a place you genuinely feel comfortable in.  This takes considerable knowledge and work in order to first, reveal your design style and then second, to decorate your spaces to achieve the style that you wish.

Your home also needs to reflect you and to be unique in the ways that you want it to be.

Your home should fully utilize all of your rooms and spaces, including those that you are not presently using – to have a decorated and beautiful environment that considers all aspects of styling and decor that will enhance your home interior to its optimal.

Our Complete Home Styling & Design Service will create the surroundings that you wish through having your rooms and spaces adorned in the colours, patterns, textures and pieces that are suited to you and your lifestyle . . .  alongside of decorative accessories that are specifically placed to create the style that you desire.

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→  You have become fatigued at thinking about completing your home interiors and truly making it your own.

→  Your available time is limited and you feel it is better spent elsewhere than on planning your home interiors.

→  You are apprehensive and avoid entertaining in your home as you believe it falls short of being the show place that it could be.

→  Although you know what you like and you have exemplary taste, you feel your expertise is not focused on your home styling and decor.

→  You appreciate luxurious and quality interior decor and know that you deserve it.

→  Your lifestyle would be improved with a more congenial home interior that is tailored to you and your family.

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The following will serve as an outline to help you become familiar with our general process:

Preliminary In-Home Styling & Design Consultation

Our Preliminary In-Home Styling & Design Consultation may take up to 2 hours and is a very important part of the style and design process.  Our visit to your home is to observe first-hand the layout of your home, its intrinsic features and to have a qualitative discussion with you about what you are looking for in your home interiors. 

This is a working meeting where we discuss in detail your style and design preferences, your lifestyle, practical requirements, budget, time frame and your overall expectations for improving your home. This all helps us to determine the scope of work and the visual direction of your project.

At this time, we also explain to you our Complete Home Styling & Design Services process, what to expect and the terms contained in our Letter of Agreement.  We also answer any questions that you may have.  All of our styling and design commentary occurs verbally onsite and our obligation ends when our meeting is completed. 

Following our meeting, should you express an interest to move forward with our Complete Home Styling & Design Services, then our process will continue (please see below.)

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What to Expect

Our objective is to ultimately provide you with a beautiful home interior that you can be proud of.  Using our streamlined method, we will solve your home interior styling and decor dilemmas in a specific and thoughtful process that considers you, your family and the spaces involved.

Each project requirements may vary, but most Preliminary In-Home Styling & Design Consultations include part or all of the following:

·   Gaining an understanding of your lifestyle and how style, design and decor choices impact this.

·   A walk-through of your home to discuss what spaces that you would like styled and decorated.

·   Becoming familiar with your needs, wishes and intentions for your home.

·   Discussion of the style that you aspire to (contemporary, french country, rustic, traditional, etc.).

·   Discovering if there are any features of your room(s) that you wish to accentuate or diminish.

·   Paint colour and wallpaper possibilities, textile and pattern reviews.

·   Window dressing review.

·   Consideration of current lighting and the need for new and/or additional fixtures, if any.

·   Observation of existing furnishings (if any) and if there is a need for new pieces.        

·   Discussion of furniture layout for practical and aesthetic needs.                                                                                      

·   Any specific preferences for art subject and style preferences (in keeping with the overall design).

·   Inquiry if you have any heirloom or vignette pieces that you wish to incorporate into your decor.

·   Defining your budget.

·   Determining your ideal timeline.


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After Your In-Home Styling Visit

  In answer to your expressed interest to continue with us, within 1 to 3 days following our meeting, we will email to you a Design Fee Proposal that outlines the scope of work, our design fee and the non-refundable advance on our design fee that is required for us to begin.  Please know that this Design Fee Proposal is not a design plan for your project, it simply is the document that summarizes the scope of work, goals, design intent, fees, estimated timelines and terms and conditions.

◊  When you have signed the Design Fee Proposal and advanced the initial portion of our design fee, this officially starts your project. 

◊  Our style and design process proceeds forward to completion as indicated to you in your Design Fee Proposal.

To start, simply email us at or phone 780.902.7720 in order to arrange for your 30 minute complimentary Let’s Get Acquainted Session via phone call. At this time, we will become familiar with you and learn where you are with your home interiors. Should you wish to proceed with us after our phone call, we require our fee of $ 247.00 so we may schedule your Preliminary In-Home Styling & Design Consultation.

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