Sometimes everyone needs a little help, particularly when making decor & design decisions.

Whether you need help with confirming your decorating style or you wish for a second opinion about your interior finishes and decor, this service is a popular and flexible method to obtain home interior styling expertise.

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→  You identify yourself as a true DIY-er, you enjoy making your own purchases, but you would prefer to have an actual design plan to start to implement.

→  You are unsure of your style and what would suit your home and lifestyle (contemporary, french country, rustic, traditional, etc.).

→  You have found that choosing paint colours can be a challenge and help would save time.

→  You would like a floor plan to help you arrange your furniture in an attractive and practical configuration.

→  Suggestions about what furniture selections to purchase would be beneficial.

→  You have started with your home interiors, but you would like a “next step” plan to finish them.

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Presented here are some of the ways the Hourly Home Styling Service can help you:

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→  You would like confirmation that the finishes you have selected for your home will work well and coordinate together.

→  Perhaps you wish to have help with the many decisions that need to be made in the decorating process.

→  You are ready to purchase furniture and a second confirmation opinion would really help you.

→  You wish to acquire a specific furniture or decorative item and would like us to shop for it.

→  You need additional help deciding paint and wallpaper finishes.

→  You would like us to accompany you on a local shopping trip to help you make decisions with your interior decor purchases.

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→  You would like assistance with locating and purchasing fine art.

→  You require direction with the finishing touches, to give it that special, polished, designer look.

→  You are attracted to a design feature or item from a design magazine and you would like help locating it.

→  Your home interior rooms and spaces lack unity and you are unsure why.

→  You may lack the time at this point to take care of everything.

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Your home should reflect your lifestyle and the way you like to live.

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