” The way to truly making your home feel complete is to start and finish your interiors.”


Quality decorating makes your home a place you genuinely feel comfortable in.  This takes considerable knowledge and work in order to first, reveal your design style and then second, to decorate your spaces to achieve the style that you wish.


Our Initial In-Home Styling & Design Consultation will help you to begin to create a home interior that is truly suited to you with ideas, tips and moving forward steps that will make completing your home interiors a reality.



Shantel Susan, Home Stylist, Designer & Art Consultant








→  You feel that you have waited long enough to address your home interior challenges.

→  You appreciate good, quality interior decor but are not sure how to start.

→  You maybe already have a few decorating ideas, but are not sure what to do next.

→  You feel like you are not getting the most from your home as it feels unfinished and partially unused.

→  You sometimes avoid having guests as you are not entirely comfortable about presenting your home as it is.

→  You think of yourself as a possible Do-It-Yourself decorating personality, but are unsure.





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To start, simply email us at contact@shantelsartanddesign.ca or phone 780.902.7720 in order to arrange for your 30 minute complimentary Let’s Get Acquainted Session via phone call.   At this time, we will become familiar with you and gain a preliminary idea about what you have in mind for your home interiors.  After our phone call, if you wish to proceed with your Initial In-Home Styling & Design Consultation, a fee of $ 447.00 is payable, so we may schedule your Initial In-Home Styling & Design Consultation







Our visit to your home is to observe first-hand the layout of your home, its intrinsic features and to have a detailed discussion with you about what you are looking for in your interiors. We will go through a Home Style & Design Questionairre.  We start with finding out your preferences and the lifestyle that your space(s) are to be used for; we want to understand in general what your space needs in terms of functionality, so it can be incorporated into the decor.


We also discuss and provide guidance in determining your style and decorating preferences, with consideration given to the feeling and mood that you wish for your space to convey,  the style that you aspire to (contemporary, french country, rustic, traditional, etc.) and discovering if there are any features of your room(s) that you wish to accentuate.




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Please know this is a working meeting where we provide valuable styling, design and decor information alongside of tips and advice.  Although this is not a formal style and decor plan, it is intended to give you a general direction for your home interiors project.  Also, within a few days after our meeting at your home, we will email you a written summary of our design advice that was discussed.


At our meeting we also include an overview of our various home styling and design options that we offer, to help you to make an informed decision about how we can further assist you.  We go over with you our design process, what to expect and the terms contained in our Letter of Agreement, should you decide to move forward with our Complete Home Styling & Design Services.    We also will answer any questions that you may have about our other home styling and design service offerings.


Please note:  All of our design advice occurs onsite verbally and our obligation ends when our meeting is completed.



What to Expect at Your Initial In-Home Consultation Visit


Our objective is to provide value to you as our client and we define that as helping you to experience the most for your design dollars and to avoid frustration in the process.


Although it may vary with each project requirements, most Initial In-Home Styling & Design Consultation include part or all of the following:


· 2 hours of customized ideas that are individual to your home interior

· A walk through of your home to discuss what spaces that you would like styled and decorated

· Becoming familiar with your needs, wishes and intentions for your home

· Gaining an understanding of your lifestyle and how style, design and decor choices impact this  

· Paint colour and wallpaper possibilities, textile reviews and patterns

· Window dressing suggestions

· Review of current lighting and ideas for new and/or additional fixtures

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· Observation of the existing furnishings and recommendations about new pieces

· Discussion of furniture layout for practical and aesthetic needs

· A professional opinion about your questions

· Development and defining of a budget






After your Initial In-Home Styling & Design Consultation you can choose to put our styling and decorating advice into action completely on your own or you may wish to consider:




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