“Choose an interior style that truly suits you.”


There are many styles, periods and looks that decor can create and the key is finding what best suits you, your aesthetic and purposeful wishes.


Be inspired and represented in your interiors so you may fully embrace them.  As a starting point, view some of our style-type inspirational boards with key pieces displayed from our client portfolio . . .


Shantel Susan, Home Stylist, Designer & Art Consultant





Modern Classic


Bring simplicity and beauty to a classic design, that is highlighted with a modern flair – this is the promise of modern classic decoration.  The feeling is clean without overtly abundant curves or ornamentation and uses quality modern materials.  The presentation is light and free with neutral and soft colours exhibiting lines that have a complementary balance of symmetry and order.  This design exhibits a timeless view that never loses its appeal.


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French Country


The beauty of this is reflective of the rural French countryside and may be either be rustic or classic. The colours are neutral and warm with a soft, romantic feel of soft beige and gray but are complemented with pale pink, golden yellow, gentle green or cornflower blue. Splashes of accent colours like warm red and mustard yellow along with creamy white while fabrics include toile, florals and tapestries with hints of farm animal motifs and soft patterns. Windows can be adorned simply or with flagrantly sweeping draperies. Furniture is softly patterned with curves and rustic wood. This style is inviting, elegant and usable all at once. Living in the city you can still feel like you are in a small, quaint French village.

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Tropical Allure


There are many perspectives on this look and as we see it as a combination of materials in rattan, raffia and teak, highlighted with pale colours and light wallpaper.  The idea is to offset the heat of the tropics and giving the individual the feeling of freshness – even though the temperature may be quite high!


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The Rustic style is always popular with its relaxed but thoughtful display.  A mix of rustic natural materials and colours reflect nature with subjects of cowboys, horses and the beauty of rustic landscapes make this style all at once familiar and mysterious.


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Hollywood Regency


Hollywood of the 1920s and 1930s “Tinseltown” are the dominant infuences here with touches of art deco that are streamlined and sleek, with a introduction of curvy accents.  Bold colours, glass, metallics and contrasts are the features of this style along with luxurious comfort that is truly appealing.


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Modern Farmhouse


Have you ever dreamed of living in a farmhouse that gives you all at once the feeling of tranquility, nostalgia and simple living ambience?  This may be the decor for you.  Primary colours, animals and related themes all give the essence of country living.


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This style is popular and has remained so as it allows you to blend time periods, colours and textures together with current interpretations of style with influences from the past.  You can mix curvy and straight lines with patterns and solids, all in a tasteful and well put together manner.


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As the name implies, this look makes the inhabitant feel like they are near a coastline whether it be mainland or tropical and can transcend the feeling into a sense of contentment.  All nautical influences are at work here with colours being white and navy with accents of primary colours that adds a freshness and the “openness of the sea.”

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This style takes it lead from European influences and exhibits that “Old World Charm.”  Furnishings are curvy, patterns are intricate, materials are wood and colours are darker brown, green, burgundy with a sophisticated finish.  Traditional can exhibit a substantial presence or be delicate and nuanced.


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English Countryside


A cute reading nook to and relaxed dining seating allow for and encourage interaction and conversation – these are hallmarks of English countryside decor.  To bring this style to its true fruition, there needs to be potted plants and timeless ornamentation together with muted colours to inspire the English countryside that include pink, green and yellow together with an abundance of florals in wallpaper, textiles and accessories. Exposed wood and decorative softness make for an elegant but unassuming presence.


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Do you wish to replicate or have elements of any of these styles for your home? 


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