Do you have a commercial interior that you wish to have re-styled to better reflect your company?


Your business interior should reflect the values, achievements & ambitions of the company &

the confidence it has in its future




As as savvy businessperson, you know your business interior communicates a great deal about your company.


Interior re-styling is a design option that allows you to change your interior environment to highlight your values and brand . . .


To best present who you are and whom you serve – in a distinct and memorable way.



Where You Likely Are Now


You may find that you are in one of two situations with respect to your commercial interior:


1)    You would like to keep the existing furnishings and fixtures in the commercial space, but you wish to have your premises        

        painted and refreshed, complete with accessories, including art.






2)    You would prefer to have a complete renewal of the space with a new colour scheme, paint, flooring, furnishings,

        window coverings and lighting fixtures alongside of art and decorative accessories.  In essence a “surface” re-styling.



Interior Re-Styling Consultation


Our Interior Re-Styling consultation service is designed for us to observe your commercial space and make customized recommendations to you. 


We create and later present you with your Interior Re-Styling Proposal.  The proposal is a plan for your space that will detail and suggest ways that you could refresh and renew your space and it is based on the information that you provide and our impressions of your commercial space.  The result is your proposal will contain our professional insights and opinions regarding the space and its decorative possibilities.


We consider:


◊  the feeling and mood that you wish for your space to convey

◊  the style that you aspire to (contemporary, ultra-modern, traditional, etc.)

◊  a suitable colour palette

◊  your pattern preferences

◊  understanding features of the space that you wish to accentuate


Moving Forward


  • Initial Meeting:


Together with you, we take a careful walk-through of your space in order to determine what you need or wish to change.


From you we learn about . . .


⇒  your business and the industry you are in

⇒  your company image and brand that are unique to you

⇒  the people that will be working in the space

⇒  the type of clients and visitors that will be visiting the premises

⇒  your budget or at least a working budget

⇒  your time frame

⇒  logistical considerations


  • Interior Re-Styling Proposal:


Shortly after our initial meeting, you will be forwarded your personalized Interior Re-Styling Proposal that specifies your preferences as discussed during the walk-through. We make detailed recommendations for accomplishing your interior re-styling that give reference to the colour and pattern schemes, furniture, window coverings, lighting and other furnishings together with art and decorative accessories.  We also provide options to create the style and mood of the space that you desire.  We make suggestions about areas where feature accents may be created and reveal other decorative aspects that can further enhance the overall desired style and mood.


  • Post Initial Meeting:


With your Interior Re-Styling Proposal  you may wish to seek your own professionals to implement and execute the plan. 


Alternately you may request for us to refer your project to a design or contracting firm from our preferred list that we offer as a value-added service. 


  • Cost:


The cost of  your Interior Re-Styling Consultation  is based on a per square foot basis.

To inquire about your cost and to schedule your time, please contact us.

Note the session includes the walk-through consultation and your Interior Re-Styling Proposal report forwarded to you via email after it has been prepared. 


To book your consultation:


Present your company values as a distinct & unique part of your brand