Your home interiors should reflect your lifestyle and the way you like to live.

Creating the surroundings that you truly desire is achieved when they are styled and decorated to bring about your best lifestyle.

Quality style and decor sense, alongside of a reasonable commitment of money and time will result in an interior atmosphere that will make you honestly thankful for the spaces that you and those around you inhabit.

We Offer Flexible Services

We offer a variety of services for you to choose from. Are you unsure as to what type of service that you need for your home interiors? Simply contact us to start talking about how we may help you. You may also review our offers below.

Book your Complimentary Discovery Call with us and to learn how we can help you to attain your version of a luxury home and we will gain a preliminary idea about your current home interiors.

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There are many choices & decisions to be made

when styling & decorating your home interiors.

Making the decision to start is the best way to having your interiors feel truly complete.

With this consultation, we start through observing your current home interiors and then we envision ways to best present your home & its features, guiding you toward style & decorative options that will make your home flourish!

From there you have the option of putting our styling and decorating advice into action completely on your own or if you prefer, you can consider one of our other home interior service options.

Does This Describe You?

→  You know it is time to start addressing the lack of style & coordinated decoration in your home.

→  You maybe already have a few decorating ideas, but are not sure what to do next.

→  You appreciate good, quality interior decor but are not sure how to start.

→  You feel like you are not getting the most from your home as it feels unfinished and partially unused.

→  You sometimes avoid having guests as you are not entirely comfortable about presenting your home as it is.

→  You think of yourself as a possible Do-It-Yourself decorating personality, but are unsure.

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Not Sure Where to Start with Styling &

Decorating Your Home?

Styling your spaces, one-room-at-a-time provides clarity and direction

Styling and decorating your home is not easy, particularly if you want it to have a cohesive look and feel. To avoid overwhelm, our One Room-at-a-Time Consultation service allows us to work with you, starting with one room. This unique way of styling and decorating helps you to move towards completing your home interiors and has the added benefit of building your confidence!

Does This Describe You?

→  You feel overwhelmed at the prospect of planning and decorating your entire home on your own.

→  You identify yourself as a true DIY-er, you enjoy the entire process, but you would prefer to have an actual design plan to implement.

→  You would prefer to have the styling & decoration of your home segmented into manageable pieces.

→  You are unsure of your style and what would suit your home and lifestyle (contemporary, french country, rustic, traditional, etc.).

→  You have started with your home interiors, but you would like a “next step” plan to finish them.

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Bring Your Rooms Together with the

Finishing Touches They so Richly Deserve.

All interior spaces need to be accessorized to be beautifully complete.

You have your rooms designed and furnished, but somehow they lack completeness. Let us add the art and accessories they need to make them have a magazine-worthy finish and appeal!

Through our Finishing Touches Service we will create a styling concept and procure accessories to bring beauty and cohesion to your rooms and spaces.

The result is a polished and finished interior that you will feel proud to show to anyone!

Does This Describe You?

→  Your rooms have a vague and empty feeling instead of an inviting presence.

→  You have become frustrated as the more you purchase, the more scattered and cluttered your interiors feel.

→  You appreciate fine, quality interior decor to reflect your tastes, but you can’t seem to achieve this on your own.

→  You are planning for an event or party that you are hosting in your home.

→  You are in need of decorating for the holiday season.

→  You entertain (or would like to) a great deal and you wish that your rooms had more character and sparkle.

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Enjoy full interior decorating services where

your involvement is minimal.

Your home should make you feel comfortable & enthused, with coordinated style . . .

You may find that it is desirable for us to take care of your full styling & decorating project, if your time, interest & expertise may be limited for you to take on such a daunting project . . .

We offer a full styling & decorating service that includes styling and decor planning, space planning, sourcing of items, selection and organization of items ordered, tracking purchases, arranging delivery and installation, right up to and including the finishing touches.

Our Complete Home Styling & Decorating Service will create the surroundings that you wish through having your rooms and spaces adorned in the colours, patterns, textures and pieces that are suited to you and your lifestyle . . .  alongside of decorative accessories that are specifically placed to create the style that you desire.

Does This Describe You?

→  You have become fatigued thinking about completing your home interiors and truly making it your own.

→  You wish to fully utilize all of your rooms and spaces, including those that you are not presently using.

→  Your available time is limited and you feel it is better spent elsewhere than on your home interiors.

→  You are apprehensive and avoid entertaining in your home as you believe it falls short of being the show place that it could be.

→  You appreciate luxurious and quality interior decor and know that you deserve it.

→  Your lifestyle would be improved with a more congenial home interior that is tailored to you and your family.

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On-Call Service – when you need it most.

Sometimes everyone needs a little help, particularly when making styling & decor decisions.

Our Standby Styling & Decorating Services can help you. Whether you need assistance with your styling or decor selections or you are choosing furniture or looking for a second opinion about the finishing touches to creating an overall concept for your interiors this service will give you the occasional and varied “standby” guidance that you need.

Does This Describe You?

→  You identify yourself as a true DIY-er, you enjoy making your own purchases and implementing your design, but you need help to become organized.

→  You enjoy sourcing furnishings and accessories, but you can’t make the final “buying” decision.

→  You enjoy the process of finding and sourcing your own home furnishings, but you would appreciate a designer eye to ensure they work together.

→  You already have design and decorating ideas that appeal to you, but a second opinion would help before you proceed.

→  You are moving to a new home and you would like advice about which furnishings to keep.

→  You would like a floor plan to help you arrange your furniture in an attractive and practical configuration.

→  Perhaps you wish to have help with the many decisions that need to be made in the decorating process.

→  There are specific elements of your home interior that need work but you are not sure what or how to accomplish them.

→  You question or are unsure about your decorating style.

→  You have some of your home interior pieces in place (furniture, art, accessories, etc.), but you need to tie everything together so it looks and feels like its complete.

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Experience the latest convenience in

home interior styling consultation

You deserve to have great style in your home interiors, wherever you live.

This lower cost, but high quality option is an excellent format for you if you are interested in home styling & decorating help, but prefer an online service – no location barriers! Experience this design consultation format if you are interested in home styling and decorating help, but you prefer an online format – no location barriers! This is a lower cost but high quality option that will help you to realize your dream spaces. Our proven process works wonders!

Our convenient E-Design Service allows you to be your own design project manager & together with our support you will have the home interiors you truly want.

Whether you like what’s currently trending or you prefer a look & style from the past, we will help you to achieve what you desire.

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