Sometimes everyone needs a little help, particularly when making decor decisions.

You may be one of the lucky few who are comfortable with completely fashioning and implementing your own home interiors – congratulations!

However, you may find there are a few areas that you wouldn’t mind a little professional design help in a flexible and convenient option.

Our Standby Styling & Decorating Services can help you.  Whether you need assistance working with your home builder or renovator regarding finishes or you are choosing furniture or looking for a second opinion about the finishing touches, this service will give you the occasional and varied “standby” guidance that you need.


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→  You already have design and decorating ideas that appeal to you, but a second opinion would help before you proceed.

→  Perhaps you wish to have help with the many decisions that need to be made in the decorating process.

→  There are specific elements of your home interior that need work but you are not sure what or how to accomplish them.

→  You question or are unsure about your decorating style.

→  You identify yourself as a true DIY-er, you enjoy making your own purchases and implementing your design, but you need help to become organized.

→  You enjoy the process of finding and sourcing your own home furnishings, but you would appreciate a designer eye to ensure they work together.

→  You enjoy sourcing furnishings and accessories, but you can’t make the final “buying” decision.

→  You have some of your home interior pieces in place (furniture, accessories, etc.), but you need to tie everything together so it looks and feels like its complete.

→  You have a number of blank walls or artwork that no longer inspires you.                                   

See below for other ways this service can help you . . .

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In addition to the list presented above, here are some additional ways you can effectively use our Standby Styling & Decorating Service that include:

→  You would like confirmation that the finishes you have selected for your home will work well and coordinate together.

→  If you are building a customized home and would like help at the design center with your builder.

→  You are ready to purchase furniture and a second confirmation opinion would really help you.

→  You wish to acquire a specific furniture or decorative item and would like us to shop for it.

→  You need assistance with the selection and installation of window dressings.

→  You would like us to accompany you on a local shopping trip to help you make decisions with your interior decor purchases.

→  You are attracted to a design feature or item from a design magazine and you would like help locating it.

→  You would like assistance with locating and purchasing fine art.

→  You require direction with the finishing touches, to give it that special, polished, designer look.

→  Your home interior rooms and spaces lack unity and you are unsure why.

→  You may lack the time at this point to take care of everything.

To begin, select the “Book Now” button below to purchase your time.  You may purchase them in 5, 10, 15 or 20 hour blocks. Should you need any help with processing your payment, email for assistance.

We will contact you to become introduced and you will be emailed our Client Profile & Home Style & Design Questionairre so that we may become familiar you and your project.



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Accountability:  when your purchase has been verified, we then apply your credit to your client account the total number of hours that you have purchased.  Every time that you request a service – which includes anything from an email, phone call to a local shopping day, these used times are deducted from your client account; note that it is in time increments of 5 minutes.  We send to you every 2 weeks a report to show how much time you have used and what time balance remains in your account.   If you have unused time after 120 days, then it is considered void time.  Be advised there are no refunds. 

Note that when the balance in your account is nil, your access to design advice ends, even if your project is ongoing.  You are welcome to purchase more time blocks, as you require. 

Limitations:  please note that you are responsible to provide us with any and all information that we require to properly advise you on your project and that includes measurements and possibly photos.

Please recognize this service is simply our providing an opinion based on our design expertise and perception of your project; we will not be responsible for any errors and omissions that occur from your using this service.

We reserve the right to cancel your access to the Standby Styling & Decorating Services should you be utilizing this service for an unintended purpose; note in that instance your remaining balance will be returned to you.

Hours:  our response to your emails and phone calls is during normal business hours (M – F  9:00 am to 5:00 pm) and it takes up to 24 hours.  We are not an instant response service, so you need to schedule time with us usually 1 – 2 weeks in advance for meeting with you and your renovator or builder, to plan shopping time, etc.

♦   We require that our Client Profile & Home Styling & Design Questionairre to be completed in their entirety, as they are an integral part of our becoming familiar with your project. 

♦   You are also required to set-up your Design Client Access portal conveniently online when we forward your invitation to join. 

♦   All communications and interactions with you will be via this online portal as we require a tracking of our communications.

♦   Please know that we do not accept texted pictures in the event you wish to send them when you are out shopping.  Our accepted process is for you to send the picture via link through your online portal and we also need an image with all associated measurements so we can effectively assess the piece(s) you are considering.

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