Colour & Finishes Selection Service

The coordinated selection of finishes will make all the difference to your most successful home interior.

Building or renovating your home

requires you to make many design decisions.

Are you finding that selecting paint colours is more of a challenge then it first appeared? Do you need to select your interior finishes with your builder or renovator, but would like some guidance?

Whether you need help with confirming your colour preferences or you wish for a second opinion about your interior finishes, this service is a popular and flexible method to obtain our home interior expertise.

This service will provide assistance with:

  • Choosing cabinetry, countertops, tiling (backsplash), appliances and sinks to faucets and hardware that will suit your style and interior finishes.
  • Deciding on flooring choices that are most suitable for your lifestyle and decor.
  • Selecting larger ceiling and wall light fixtures to ensure they coordinate together and are a appropriate style and size.

  • Obtaining a second opinion about other interior finishes in connection with your desired style and decor.
  • Selecting paint colours for walls, doors and trim that suit your overall style and decor.
  • Discovering wallpaper patterns and designs, including mural and customized choices.

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