Designing any space has many facets and you as an interior designer/decorator, architect or similar professional you may find that seeking help with the art aspect of your project(s) would free-up your valuable time for other aspects of your creative work.


With that in mind, we offer a collaborative opportunity to work with you to find the art work that best compliments your project(s).


You will appreciate that we:



√  are flexible and very patient as budgets, client preferences and deadlines can change and become challenging

√  work diligently to stay on budget

√  recognize that it is your client and we are just one part of your creative design feel comfortable “going with the flow” of your project(s)

√  are conversant with reading blueprints, floor plans, color boards and how to work with samples

√  have respect and loyalty for you as the design professional through working with you to make sure that you stay in control of your project(s)

√  always conduct ourselves in a professional and ethical manner

√  are as accommodating and service oriented as possible through providing prompt service and assisting you in resolving problems quickly and easily


To get acquainted and discover how we may help you, please contact me, Shantel Susan directly at for more information.