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Our valued-added benefit to our clients is having a specific method to make the art selection, delivery and installation process is as streamlined and efficient as possible.  We understand that if you have made the decision to improve your space, you want to proceed and move forward as expediently as possible.


Our role is to not only to consult on the art aspects of your space, but to guide the process and to ensure it is properly implemented with little interruption to you, your business or home.


We start with careful consideration of your preferences, then we make selections that will highlight and feature your surroundings to their very best visual and emotional appeal. 


We consult and place artwork that is in keeping within your overall space to bring about cohesion and harmony.  We also strive to stay within your budget so you feel financially comfortable with your purchases.


Our wish is to bring you to a place where you feel confident about the selections of art made and that coincide with the intended visual appeal and feeling that you want to convey – you are best served with art advisement that is designed to enhance the existing design and decorative elements in your space.


Above all we want you to feel inspired, encouraged and enlightened with your surroundings in order to reflect the very best in all who inhabit it.



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The Art forms and mediums we offer include:


  • Paintings (oil/acrylic, watercolors, collage, mixed media)
  • Original Prints
  • Limited Edition Prints
  • High Quality Prints
  • Drawings
  • Digital Prints (Giclees, pronounced zhee-KLAY)
  • Photography
  • Sculpture in wood, stone, clay and other mediums
  • Others may be sourced upon request


The Art categories & subject matter we focus include:


  • Landscapes
  • Decorative Art
  • Local History
  • Scenic
  • Abstracts
  • Fine Art
  • Vintage Art
  • Botanical
  • Animals
  • Black & White
  • Other categories may be sourced upon request



Art styles and genres tend toward representational, landscape, abstract, still life, genre and contemporary styles.


Our Art Sources are a variety of Greater Edmonton and area artists, Western Canadian artists, Canadian artists, art galleries, professional print shops, private and other independent artist sources. 


We also may commission artwork to be custom made for clients, or for special occasions.



With your customized art selection and placement for your business and residential spaces –

you will ultimately experience . . .


⇒   ­Elevated Inspiration

⇒   Enhanced Success

⇒   Encouraged Confidence

⇒   Raised Standards

⇒   Increased Respect & Prestige

⇒   Relaxation & Revitalization

⇒   Your Own Unique Connection to Art



For any of our services or to inquire, contact us at:



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